Extracts from testimonials provided by clients / architects.

On behalf of Holy Cross College, I would like to take this opportunity to commend Sanpro Construction for their outstanding work and workmanship. During 2018 and 2019 Sanpro Construction undertook various projects at the College, which included an extension of our existing staff room, the addition of a student wellness centre, and the construction of new hard courts.

To say the build went smoothly would be understatement. With Jeff Carulli, Site Foreman on site, we found that all site work, including deliveries and crane work was carried out safely and efficiently. All Work was performed to ensure minimum disruption to staff and students at the college. Major works were scheduled for times when there would be little to no impact on daily routines, including ensuring good traffic flow in parking lots at peak times.

Ease of communications, site safety, quality of workmanship and finishes as we as finishing the build ahead of schedule, are just a few reasons why we would gladly recommend Sanpro Construction for any future tenders.

We hope to work with Sanpro again on future projects.

Mrs Jean Topliss – Business Manager – Holy Cross.

We refer to the above project, which was constructed by Sanpro Construction Pty Ltd.

The project consisted of a single storey building encompassing 6 new classrooms, community Hub, central atelier area, offices, toilets and café kiosk. Total building was approx. 1200m2 of a tilt panel design.The new building was an extension of an existing building.

During construction we considered Sanpro conducted their operations in a professional and helpful manner. To complicate the building process the new building was actually an extension of an existing building within an operating school where consideration had to be made for the learning environment and safety of the students.

The project was completed to budget requirements and within scheduled time frame.

 We considered Sanpro Construction Pty Ltd completed works to a high standard and would recommend them based on our experience as capable builders.

Tim Dorsman – Director of Business – Carey Group (Carey Baptist College Stage 1b)

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Sanpro Construction for their outstanding work in completing an extension to our existing warehouse facility in Canning Vale . The construction of this extension was always going to be difficult due to the existing ware house having to remain fully operational. The extension involved the demolition of an existing warehouse wall and the installation of some high level structural steel support to accommodate the expanded warehouse facility. During construct ion our tenant , DHL Australia needed to maintain a secure and fully operational distribution facility. The processes and forward planning put into completing the build with as little impact as possible on the day t o day operations of DHL was excellent . This coupled with the direct on-site supervision provided by Jeff Carulli meant there was minimal interruption to DHL’s operations.

Dean Trezise the construction manager and Jeff Carulli the site foreman, were extremely accommodating in working with our tenant (DHL) and building designers, Commercial Design Management. Communication was always timely and the fortnightly site meetings kept everyone up t o date with what  was happening with the build. Jeff Carulli liaised directly with DHL every day to keep them up to speed with what was happening and programmed to happen. This even involved arranging

for works t o be carried out on weekends  in order to ensure DHL were not inconvenienced. The site was always kept tidy, presentable and secured outside of work hours. We cannot speak highly enough of both Jeff and Dean for their attention to detail and for making sure that the construction works did not adversely impact DHL’s operations.

The completion of the extension was of an extremely high standard. Variations  were only at our request  and as a result the construction cost came in within budget and the agreed time frame . There were a number of minor works not related to the construction which were completed without fuss or delay . This was very much appreciated by ourselves and DHL.

The company was very professional and its communication and documentation was first class. In particular, Sanpro seemed to have a very good understanding of construction methodology and the complexities around incorporating a warehouse extension with an existing warehouse, whilst acknowledging the site needed to remain operational.

There was a high level of consciousness around safety, keeping th e impact of the extension on the sites operations to an absolute minimum. They were prompt in dealin g with any issues and responding to unforeseen difficulties.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and loo k forward to working with them on any future projects we undertake.

Paul J Devereux – Director – Benchmark Properties Australia Pty Ltd

I am pleased to provide a reference for Sanpro Construction on behalf of Commercial Design Management.

I have worked directly with Mark, Dean and the team at Sanpro over the last few years on a number of commercial projects. Most recently Sanpro have completed a large office, showroom and warehouse development for an international client; CR Laurence. Despite the complexities that resulted from remotely managing client expectations and design considerations, Sanpro proactive and flexible approach saw the project completed smoothly. Not only was the project well managed, on time and within budget, the final product is exceptional.

With 40 buildings around the world, CR Laurence have described the WA facility as their best so far. The quality and professionalism of the final outcome would not have been achieved without a company of the calibre of Sanpro Constructions.

I would not hesitate in recommending Sanpro to any client and have confidence that they will continue to complete projects to the highest possible standard.

Joseph Panetta – Commercial Design Management

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sanpro Construction for the outstanding work in completing our 2017/2018 build. The build was always going to be difficult due to the build being in three locations. The project meant the admin block had to be demolished and rebuilt, two new classrooms built in a very tight area and the undercover area extended and converted into a hall and the addition of a UAT. The thought that they put into completing the build with as little impact as possible on the day to day running of the school was excellent. There was very little interruption to school life.

Hayden Leevers the site foreman and Sheldon Carrick the construction manager, were extremely accommodating in working with the school and architects. Communication was always timely and the fortnightly site meetings kept the school up to date with what was happening with the build. Hayden Leevers the site foreman would contact me every day to advise me as to what was happening and to check that deliveries or use of cranes etc did not affect school routines. Any part of the build that might have affected the school routine was scheduled during a weekend or the school holidays so there was no interruption to school routine. The building site was always kept tidy and presentable and secured outside of work hours. I cannot speak highly enough of Hayden and his attention to detail and making sure that the building did not impact school life.

The finish of the build and fittings was of an extremely high quality. The school had no need to ask for anything to be redone because it was not of a satisfactory standard. Variations were only at the request of the school and as a result the build came in under budget and also completed in the timeframe that we had been advised. I was also pleased as there were a number of small jobs that the school needed done outside of the build and Hayden and Sheldon arranged trades men to complete the tasks for us at no charge. This was very much appreciated by the school.

The college renovated a heritage building which is over eighty years old, the building has a number of structural issues, largely around its age and a less than adequate standard of construction. The project required considerate flexibility, as it encounted a number of difficulties and challenges during the course of events. These challenges were managed very successfully by Sanpro and their team.

The company was very professional and its communication and documentation was first class. In particular, Sanpro seemed to have a very good understanding of the complexities around completing a project, whilst the school continued to operate.

There was a high level of consciousness around safety, keeping the impact of the project on school operation, to an absolute minimum. They were prompt in dealing with enquiries and responding to unforeseen difficulties.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and I would love to work with them in the future.

Allen McMahon – Principal – St Columba’s Catholic Primary School

What great a job Sanpro Construction! Just want you to know how excited we are about our new building in Perth Australia. Mark, you and Dean both were so professional from the groundbreaking to final completion and you guys delivered on schedule. CR Laurence Co. has over 40 locations around the World and our Canning Vale Operations, in my judgment, is our best facility by far. It’s nice to hear our customers say, “Wow” when they visit our beautiful new showroom and customer trade-counter. Mark and Dean, you guys are the best and we really enjoyed working with you. Again thanks for all your help with this major CRL project.

Lee Wright – SVP of Operations C.R. Laureance Co Inc.


The College renovated a heritage building which is over eighty years old. The building has a number of structural issues, largely around its age and a less than adequate standard of construction. The two storey building contains ten teaching spaces and two verandahs, all of which required attention.

The project required considerable flexibility, as it encountered a number of difficulties and challenges during the course of events. These challenges were managed very successfully by Sanpro and its team.

The company was very professional and its communication and documentation, was first class. In pmticular, Sanpro seemed to have a very good understanding of the complexities around completing a project, whilst the school continued to operate.

There was a high level of consciousness around safety, keeping the impact of the project on school operation, to an absolute minimum. They were prompt in dealing with enquiries and responding to unforeseen difficulties.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and I would love to work with them in the future.

I am more than happy to field any questions or enquiries that you may have. 

Declan Tanham – Principal – Aranmore Catholic College


I am pleased to provide this reference in support of Sanpro Construction who have recently completed a new Science and Technology Centre at South Coast Baptist College, with a value of approximately $4.0m. The project ran extremely well from commencement through to Practical completion despite the discovery of a number of latent conditions early in the construction. The experience and comprehensive planning of Sanpro was able to identity potential issues early. Issues that did arise were resolved in an efficient and cooperative manner. Sanpro also experienced considerable delays as a result of inclement weather but worked diligently to mitigate the time lost and were able to reach Practical completion before commence of the school year. 

The Success of the project was due largely to the efforts of Sanpro’s project team, led by Directors Mark Barbaro and Dean Trezise who were both heavily involved throughout the course of the job and were always approachable. 

Administration of the contract was efficiently managed by Sheldon Carrick who maintained a high level of communication throughout. Documentation was always timely, complete and accurate. Variations were priced without delay and with detailed supporting information. 

The site was well managed  by Al McGrath who established a good working relation with the College; always able to response positively to any special requests or operational requirements of the college. The standard of construction and finish was well above industry standard and is a credit to Al and the whole Sanpro team.

Sanpro are to be highly commended for the professional, cooperative and transparent manner in which they approached all aspects of the project. I look forward to the prospect of working with Sanpro again on future projects and have no hesitate in recommending them to you.

Brad Quatermaine – Director – Brad Quatermaine Architect 

Having been in education for over 25 years and involved with many new buildings, this is the first time for me that one has been completed on time, ready for the start of the school year.  As a bonus, it also came in under budget!  From the outset, Sanpro have been the consummate professionals in every aspect.  Whilst all the documentation was being prepared, and before signing, they were ordering materials so the project could get going as soon as possible.  The Directors were very transparent when we were doing our due diligence, the office prepared a detailed project management document that was updated every two weeks for our meetings and the site supervisor, with years of experience, kept the trades at the site and ensured their work was of a very high standard.  Any problems were always presented with solutions and were dealt with promptly.  The end product is one which everyone who sees and goes through the building is impressed.  There will be many great lessons taught and young minds challenged in this amazing facility.   I cannot speak highly enough of Sanpro.

I am hopeful that we will be able to work with Sanpro again for future buildings.

Trevor Darch – Business Operations Manager – South Coast Baptist College


I am hopeful that we will be able to work with Sanpro again for future buildings.

Sanpro Construction have recently completed the Thornlie Christian College Media Centre, which was handed over four weeks early and on budget. During the construction period, Sanpro Construction staff have always responded in a professional capacity and acted in a positive and proactive manner throughout. 

We have observed they operate in an organised approach to the construction and management of projects and pay considerable attention to the time and cost performance of projects. They manage their sub contractors to meet the programme, and the standard of workmanship is to industry standards of better. 

Sanpro Construction have proven, and continue to demonstrate to be co-operative in all aspects of construction and work well to complete the projects in accordance with the clients budget and programme. It is these qualities that will continue to see them on our tender list of preferred builders.

Antonia D’Andrea – EIWA Director

Bollig Design Group take this opportunity to thank Sanpro Construction for their recent efforts in completing the extensions to the Rocky Bay Patricia Kailis Centre.

Sanpro were professional  in all of their undertaking in solving the complex logistical problem of extending an occupied building whilst accommodation the requirements of all building users throughout the project. 

We congratulate Sanpro management and all of their staff for the attentive way they managed the project. Furthermore we have no hesitation in recommending Sanpro Construction to any potential client for future works.

Ray Crocker – Bollig Design Director


Rocky Bay would like to take this opportunity to thank Sanpro Construction for all the hard work it has invested, which ensured a successful completion of our Patricia Kailis Centre Project. We would like to highlight that you and your team brought an extensive deal of experience, which has been invaluable given the size, and complexities of the project.

We found your management team very accommodating and easy to deal with which made the entire construction process seamless. Sanpro Construction brought a level of client side understanding, which sets it apart from others.. Rocky Bay as a client congratulates on the success of Sanpro Construction commitment, professionalism and work ethics maintained at all levels of your business.

Rocky Bay has no hesitation in recommending Sanpro Construction for future works.

Qais Dost – Projects and Contracts Specialist – Rocky Bay

As the construction of our new digital technologies and media centre draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Sanpro and Site Manager Kurt for providing a seamless, stress-free building project.

In twenty two years of Headship I have never had a project completed prior to the scheduled completion date and with a savings on the budgeted contract amount. Sanpro has achieved both, for which I am deeply grateful.

I would especially like to acknowledge Kurt who has gone out of his way to accommodate every request from the College with grace and cheerfulness. 

I look forward to doing business with Sanpro again in the future. Please pass on my best wishes to all who have been involved in this project.

Bill Innes – Thornlie Christian College Principal


‘Sanpro built our showroom/factory with completion in 2017. Being a company that specialises in interior fit-outs, it was essential that many elements of the fit out were to be done by ourselves. We formed a good working relationship with the builder and were well informed of the schedule so all our installations went smoothly. Sanpro was very co-operative in helping, from tailoring the schedule to helping think of practical solutions for our installations.

Sanpro was very meticulous in detail so everything was done to specification and build time was exceptionally fast without sacrificing quality of finishes. Being the fifth factory build we’ve finished we have found this build to be the quickest and smoothest. Sanpro’s attitude, commitment and willingness to provide a quality build is one of the reasons why we have no hesitation in recommending them and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.’

Ray Ngai – Managing Director

I am writing to express our appreciation for Sanpro’s outstanding performance in completion of our Performing Arts building. As we have discussed, this has been the most complicated project either of us have undertaken due to the initial delays related to title amalgamation at the start and the problems with Water Corp at the end. The extraordinary efforts which Sanpro put into every element of the project must be commented upon. The team approach to a build, which is clearly the ethos of your company, is a key element to this – ensuring that builder, architects, consultants and contractors are on the same page as the client. To have overcome all the external delays and brought the project in well under the projected build time, within budget and with the attention to detail and effectiveness that you have achieved is a testament to all within your team. The attention to the project paid by yourself and Dean, the contract management and support from Sheldon and the care and dedication shown by Site Supervisor Extraordinaire, Jeff Carulli have ensured that we have a building which you should be as proud of as we are.

I can quite honestly say that, from my first building project in 1984, I have not dealt with a more professional and customer-focused building company.

Tim McIntyre – Business Manager – St Norbert’s College

 Sanpro construction recently completed the Second stage of St John Bosco College at Piara Waters. The build consisted of two classrooms being added to an existing building, a separate block of six classrooms and amenities and a multipurpose room with toilets and uniform shop. Exterior works were extensive and included a mid-sized oval, maintenance shed, ground water storage tank and pumps, hard courts, car parks and grassed play areas (fenced off). From the initial start up meeting I found Sanpro to be very organised and professional and as the build progressed, the supervision was excellent with a clear understanding of the requirement of building within an operation school. At all times there was attention paid to maintaining a clean safe site, low levels of noise and good control of trades and their behaviour.

The administration of the project was very accurate and timely with a very open approach to any variations required. (This project had the lowest number of variation claims of all my builds). This whole project was completed well within time and below budget with a high standard of finish.

I would highly recommend Sanpro for any similar projects.

R.G. Niven – Project Manager – St John Bosco

Having worked, very successfully, with Sanpro Construction on various projects since their inception we had no hesitation in them being shortlisted for the Stage 2 works at St John Bosco College in Piara Waters for a $5m build in 2016.
Sanpro proved to be the successful tenderer for the works and despite the site occupation date being pushed out by more than a month, they still managed to complete the works ahead of the proposed
completion date and to a very high standard of finish. They are familiar with working on operational schools and are mindful of client concerns such as safety
and disruption to the schools. We see this as a testament to the organisational structure within Sanpro Construction, with Mark Barbaro and Dean Trezise (Directors) at the helm, coupled with Allan McGrath’s (foreman) foresight, construction knowledge and dedication to the project.
Sanpro’s ability to communicate promptly and effectively with all parties involved in the project meant that any potential issues were dealt with before they arose and construction ran smoothly thanks to Allan’s on site presence and knowledge. They are fair and reasonable with variations and provide the required supporting documentation up front
which greatly assists in processing variations expeditiously. Throughout the course of the works we received positive comments from numerous parties including the various client representatives and the civil contractor (who was engaged under a separate contract) that had to work in and around Sanpro. We have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Sanpro Construction for any similar projects in
the future

Aaron Santelli  – Santelli Architects

I am delighted to write a reference for Sanpro Construction who have been employed by Catholic Education to complete Stage 2 at St John Bosco College, which will see completion of our Primary facilities. I have found the Sanpro team to be very professional in all their planning, site meetings, documentation and work at the College. It can be very difficult when you are building an extra stage at a College, especially when you have students who are in attendance every day. Sanpro handled this situation to a very high standard with little or no disruption to our normal day. I have found Sanpro personnel to be highly organised, approachable, flexible and very understanding of the organisation and daily running of a vibrant College and its parent community. I always found that Sanpro worked very collaboratively with us and Catholic Education to achieve an outstanding result. Sanpro are always very quick to respond to our needs and very eager to please in every facet of the building of stage 2. We certainly have appreciated this aspect of Sanpro Construction. As a new College Community we are delighted with our new facilities and consequently I would highly recommend Sanpro Construction as a builder of choice.

Kevin Sheehy – Principal – St John Bosco

Thank you for your most professional response to the request from Peter Carnley Anglican Community School for Sanpro to oversee the refurbishment of the Calista Campus. The works has been carried out to an extremely high standard, and with the impressive care, both by Sanpro and all the sub-contractors involved. No request from the school has been too difficult for Sanpro to accommodate, and for that, we are most grateful. Work has been completed on time, has been well organised according to the running timelines, has been carefully minuted and communicated, and the oversight by Kurt Small has been exceptional.

Sanpro has been an outstanding firm to work with, and I would have no hesitate n recommending your work and work ethics to others.

Mrs Maggie Dunnill – Acting Principal – St John Bosco 


I wanted to thank and commend Sanpro on the recent fit out of Trinkor’s new head office and warehouse.
Taking what essentially was a blank canvas and turning it into a beautiful and functional office space with a level of finish that we didn’t dream was possible is a real credit to Sanpro and its people. This was made even more remarkable when considering the extremely tight time frame that Trinkor placed on Sanpro.
I believe that the result speaks for itself and was only made possible by the amount of support that we received from yourself and your office staff, including your innate ability to never miss one of our calls, through to your building supervisors and their management of trades and level of attention to detail.
If you would like a reference of any kind please do not hesitate in contacting me and I would be more than happy to provide this for you.

Broe Coppin – General Manager – Trinkor

Sanpro were the successful tender on our recent classroom addition project for the growing Primary needs on our Harrisdale campus. We’d not worked with SanPro before.  This being the first project and in addition very tight time frames made for a wary start. However our minds were set at ease right from the startup project meeting.  The professionalism, attention to detail were outstanding. Both Mark Barbaro and Dean Trezise were key to the project scheduling and logistics.  Their experience and even more so their willingness and flexibility to work with us as the project unfolded was highly appreciated.  In fact I can’t speak highly enough of the all round positive experience in working with SanPro.  And to top things off, the new classroom was delivered ahead of schedule and spot on construction budget.So, would I work with SanPro on similar or even more complex building projects in future?  My answer is – Absolutely.

Mark Wagenaar – Business Manager – Carey Baptist College.

Sanpro have just completed the construction of a $5.8 million gymnasium and associated classrooms on our Wellard Campus. This is the second project that Sanpro has undertaken for the School. We congratulate Sanpro for completing this project in time and budget. We were particularly impressed with the high standards and flexibility shown. Sanpro were very in tune with the requirements of the School for this building and showed consideration toward minimising the impact of the build on the operation of the School. The fact that we have just awarded the contract for the refurbishment of our Calista Campus to Sanpro bears testimony to the quality and standing of Sanpro.

Andrew Mckenzie-Fraser – Business Manager – Peter Carnley Anglican Community School.


Following positive recommendations, Sanpro Construction were invited to provide a preliminary estimate and further detailed Tender for an internal refurbishment project at La Salle College that Parry & Rosenthal Architects designed and documented in 2015 and administered in 2016. The project consisted of a major refurbishment & upgrade to two separate areas of the College’s existing Administration building featuring careful site preparation and coordination with the Owner to minimise impact on the surrounding working College and remaining occupied areas of the building. Due to the nature of the existing building featuring various previous additions over the past 50+ years, the project required Sanpro to carefully manage all aspects of construction from programming, coordination of all trades & services, on-site supervision of works and continual reporting to the Owner and Architect. Throughout the Construction, Sanpro maintained a thorough control on all proceedings to ensure works were carried out properly, on time and to a high standard. Additional works were requested by the Owner and modifications to the original design were necessary which Sanpro duly managed and integrated within the existing project programme. It was always a pleasure working with Sanpro Construction and in particular their Site Manager, Patrick Fisher and their Project Manager, Sheldon Carrick. Their friendly & positive attitude backed by competent and thorough construction helped maintain a strong & trusting working relationship with the Owner and Architect. We highly commend Sanpro for a job well done and look forward to working with them again soon.

Geoff Chinnery,  Associate Director – Parry and Rosenthal Architects


 Once Sanpro were awarded the contract for the La Salle College Administration block refurbishment, the team were very committed to producing work of an exceptional standard and completing the work on time. Sanpro have been the most professional builders the College has done business with over the past 10 years, and during that time the College has dealt with a considerable number of contract builders, with most of the work on additional new builds. Parry and Rosenthal Architect, whom the college has continuously contracted during this period of rapid expansion builds, were very confident in Sanpro’s previous work at other schools. Therefor, Sanpro were highly recommended to be the best builders to use for a job of this scale, both in value and professional level of their work.

Sanpro had the difficult task of refurbishing the oldest building at La Salle, which has had numerous additions over the last 62 years. Compounding this, part of the building had to be kept live for the College leadership team who still had active offices in between the two major renovation sections. Disruptions were minimal due to active communication with Sanpro, both at site and organisation level. Sanpro were very flexible with their shut-down work, and had already scheduled major interruptions to the admin block during the school holidays and student free days before any work had even commenced. Due to the diligent supervising of sub-contractors, Sanpro adhered to their planned schedule and completed all works prior to the planned completion date. This allowed the College staff to utilise school holidays to relocate their new offices, minimising interruptions to parents and students. Any minor issues that inevitably surfaced during the refurbishment were dealt with positively and promptly by Sanpro, maintaining an excellent working relationship between the College and builder.

Overall, we have been very impressed with the final product. The attention to detail and high standard of work have left the college with an affordable and very modern Reception area that will continue to impress the College community for many years into the future.

David White,  Deputy Principal – La Salle College


I take this opportunity to write this testimonial for the excellent job the team at Sanpro Construction has completed at St Columba’s School Bayswater.

Due to the project being complicated, in the sense there wasn’t a lot of room to construct, Sanpro’s professionalism in all that we asked was of the highest level. Nothing was too difficult and they responded to concerns immediately.

During the entire construction period Sanpro Construction’s attention to quality and details were of the highest level. Their honesty and integrity was the highlight of their profession, which is very difficult to find these days.

It has been a privilege to have worked with Sanpro Constructions and I am so grateful to them for completing the tasks with minimal interruptions to the school community. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Sanpro Constructions to any school, or organisations. They were extremely professional from day one and having a building background, their quality of work is of the highest level. Thank you Mark, Dean and Sheldon for a job well done and I hope our paths cross again during a future construction.

Greg Martin,  Principal – St Columba’s School Bayswater


Sanpro Construction has recently completed a $3 million project for Prendiville Catholic College, consisting of a student services facility, a chapel and boardroom facility, an extension and upgrade to the canteen and lunch court and an upgrade to the home economics kitchen.  We were responsible for the design, documentation and contract administration.  This is the first project which Sanpro has built;t for us, and we and the College are very happy with the outcome.

The siteworks for this project involved location, excavation and relocation of services which ran under the site.  They also included complex and extensive earthworks including excavation, piling, backfilling and scaffolding on a very steeply sloping site.  Sanpro was pro-active in these matters and performed particularly well at resolving the issues while operating on site in a a safe and efficient manner.

The Sanpro site supervisor, project manager and contract administrator showed initiative in their problem solving abilities, and their attention to detail and standard of workmanship was commendable.  They also demonstrated a great degree of flexibility in organising their program and methodology to accommodate the College, because the project was constructed in the middle of the campus during school term.

Because of the nature of the project, there were several variations to this project.  The Sanpro contract administrator showed his good faith by limiting variation claims to reasonable costs.  I always fond Sanpro staff to be co-operative, professional and flexible in their dealings with our office and the needs of the College.

Sanpro has an excellent organisational structure which allows for fast response and decision-making.  They demonstrated good organisational abilities in supply and delivery of materials and in the co-ordination of subcontractors.  They closely monitored the progress of the project, and all these factors led to the project being delivered on time and on budget despite the additional work required due to latent site conditions.

Sanpro Construction has fully demonstrated their competence in general project control.  Perhaps more importantly, they take pride in their work.  I would have no hesitation in asking them to build for us again, or in recommending them for other building projects.

Franco Carozzi, Director-Franco Carozzi Architects

It is my pleasure to provide written testimony for Sanpro Construction.  We have just completed works on our Student Service Centre, Chapel and Cafe’ upgrade.  I have openly stated that this has been the best building experience I have ever had in eighteen years of projects at the College.  This is credited largely by the outstanding work undertaken by Sanpro.

Our recent building project was what most builders would describe as a nightmare location.  Central in the school, construction was planned around a busy College campus of 1200 students.  The time-frame for our Cafe’ refurbishment was lean to say the least.

I am pleased to report that Sanpro ticked all the boxes with their professional response to all our concerns.  I have appreciated the expert advice and project management that was applied to our project.  Accurate timeline schedules were applied to all situations and I am pleased to report that the project was completed on schedule.

At site meetings I was impressed with the depth of knowledge the Sanpro team brought to the table.  On more than a few occasions their suggestions resulted in many cost savings to the College.  Their honesty and willingness to obtain the best outcome for the College was a credit to the team.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sanpro for any building project and would welcome a phone call to verify my opinions.

Terry Raphael, Bursar-Prendiville Catholic College

I wanted to thank you, Dean and your team for the tremendous work you have undertaken for HIF over the past three years.

The building fit outs and renovation work you have undertaken at our locations of 60 Stirling Street Perth (2012/2013) and  100 Stirling Street Perth (2015) have been delivered to specification, on time and to a very high standard.

We are delighted with the quality of your work and the professional standards that Sanpro and your hand picked contractors have consistently maintained.

I especially want to highlight the professional skills of site manager Dean Trezise, who is a credit to your organisation.  He regularly kept me informed and suggested ways to minimise disruption to our buisiness during the various stages of each project.  This value add was really appreciated as we are a rapidly growing not for profit health insurer not a builder, so along the way you helped us avoid many scheduling issues which otherwise would have impacted on our day to day activities.

It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional company as Sanpro Construction and I would recommend your company without hesitation for any commercial fit out or renovation work.

And no doubt due to our continued spectacular growth, we’ll see you back fitting out yet another floor at 100 Stirling Street in the very near future!

Joe Budrovich, Executive Manager-Operations-HIF

I wanted to take this opportunity in thanking you and your team for the excellent work you have completed in the fit out of our new Aquatic Education Centre in Kwinana.

The fit out of this facility is by far the most superior we have achieved over the last twenty years across ten facilities.

Your on site supervision has been of the highest order, between both Dean and Kurt any issue and complication has been dealt with diligently and swiftly.  This project has been a little unusual in it’s nature however your team dealt with it with a can do attitude that has resulted in a fantastic project.

In addition working directly with you has been an absolute pleasure and you should be commended on the way you do business.  Your business was referred to us and we will certainly be recommending you to others in the future.

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to working with you on our next project.

Christian Urry, Managing Director-State Swim Systems Franchising

I confirm  that this letter acknowledges that Santelli Architects Pty Ltd has worked with Sanpro Construction on a number of building projects over the past 5 years.  Our most recent experience, with Sanpro Construction  in 2014, has been with the construction of the Alterations & Additions to the Lumen Christi College Year 7 Transition Centre facility. This project t involved a total refurbishment of an existing single story teaching block into a new spacious & dynamic teaching environment. I have found Sanpro Construction to be a competent & professional builder, focused on achieving a high quality product  while paying attention to detail and offering  positive solutions to unexpected changes. Both Mark Barbaro and Sheldon Carrick were committed to achieving the best possible outcome for the client and were pro active, helpful and professional in dealing  with all aspects of the build. They demonstrated good project control while adhering to the original construction program and offered prompt service and excellent office back-up to their on-site construction team. I have enjoyed  working with the Sanpro team and would highly recommend  their services on any future projects that Santelli Architects bring  to tender.

 Gary Townsend, Senior Architect – Santelli Architects Pty Ltd

This letter is to confirm that Parry and Rosenthal Architects worked with Sanpro Construction in the building of the Peter Carnley Anglican Community School Stage 6 Administration Building Extension and Upgrades.

This project involved the addition of a new administrative wing and reception area on to an existing building within an occupied school site. Mark (Project Manager) and Dean (Site Manager) provided excellent service on this project as well as producing a high quality building. We found Sanpro to be a very proactive, helpful, friendly and professional builder.

The project was completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our client and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others for similar projects.

Michael Savage, Director – Parry and Rosenthal Architects

Sanpro Construction were the successful tenderer for the refurbishment of our Junior Transition Centre and Pastoral Offices which included upgrading of Fire Services to our College.

From the initial contact with this company when they came to the College to look at the buildings and requirements, their professionalism was evident, they took time to ask questions and seemed genuinely interested in taking on this project.  Mark Barbaro and Dean Trezise ,Directors and Sheldon Carrick, Project Manager had a good understanding of the requirements in refurbishing/renovating existing buildings and in particular were familiar with working in a School environment. They provided a Tender within the range expected and met all other tender requirements.  From the onset, the commitment  to quality, and being organised as well as the importance of sticking to a very tight time line was evident. They were aware that keeping within a budget but also producing quality work was of high importance to us. Having a Site Manager (Kurt Small) with excellent communication skills and a good understanding of ‘ever changing drawings’ was always going to be the “Key to Succeed”. Regular meetings were held and changes/variations were acted on efficiently,which resulted in this project being completed within a reduced time line and over the Christmas break.

I would highly recommend Sanpro Construction as  a Quality builder,and supported by highly knowledgeable personnel and would look forward to working with them on any future projects. If you would like more information regarding this recommendation please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dianne Podmore, Director of Finance & College Operations

Lumen Christi College

In 2014, Sanpro Construction Pty Ltd carried out a substantial renovation which converted a former warehouse and showroom into modern office accommodation, in Churchill Avenue, Subiaco, for Landville Pty Ltd and its co-owner of the property  This work was carried out efficiently and to a very high standard, in accordance with the  contract.  In the course of all our dealings with Sanpro Construction, we received a high level of cooperation, prompt service and fair dealing. I  would  like  to  emphasize  that,  throughout the  course  of  this  project,  the  two principals of Sanpro Construction, Mark Barbaro and Dean Tresize, were committed to achieving the best possible outcome for the project and conducted themselves with professionalism and integrity.

 In short, it has been a pleasure to work with Mark and Dean. 

 C.L. Zelestis, Director of Landville Pty Limited

I would like to thank you for the involvement with you on the New Commercial Development at 246 Churchil lAvenue, which is now completed. It has been a pleasure working with you, Dean & James and the working relationship throughout the project between us for the client has made the procurement of the project an enjoyable process, which is reflected in the Final Works and the Feed-Back from the clients. Your approach to quality and attention to detail is of an extremely high standard and the organizing of trades and requests for information have made it an easy process. Also the working relationship with regards to on-site changes and variations throughout the project that arise, has been done with both of us being able to work out the best solutions without compromise for the client and your interest in liaising throughout the project on items, has made it a pleasure working with you. I would not hesitate in recommending Sanpro Construction for other projects and look forward to working with you again on future projects.

Tim Lewis-Jones, Director of Tim Lewis-Jones Architect

RAD Architecture was the project architect and superintendentʼs representative on the Cottesloe Childrenʼs and Family Centre (Stages 1 and 2) for the Cottesloe Child Care Centre. I was introduced to Sanpro Constructions during the construction contract tender stage and maintained a professional working relationship for the duration of the project contract through to Practical Completion. The contract works  entailed the construction of renovations to an existing childcare centre and construction of a new child care centre, toy library and community facilities along with associated car parking and site works. The site works management  was always found to be of a high order and clean. The contract was completed ahead of time and within budget to the satisfaction of the client. I found Sanpro to be highly service and delivery oriented, pro-active and  helpful in all aspects of the daily contract administration, through their relationships with the client and sub contractors, along with assistance at all times to site resolution and solution finding. During this time I have always found Sanpro to be completely trustworthy and capable of producing contracted building works to the required standard. I have no hesitation to recommend Sanpro for future projects.

Craig Riley, Director – RAD Architecture


Sanpro Construction PTY LTD were the successful tenderer to undertake the development of a Multicultural Centre at Herb Graham Regional Recreation Centre, Chesterfield Road Mirrabooka in financial year 13-14 for the City of Stirling. Works commenced June 6 2013 and practical completion was reached on 4 February 2014, some 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule. The Sanpro construction team worked professionally and tirelessly to deliver all aspects of the contracted scope as specified and also introduced a significant number of value add aspects during the construction process. Sanpro produced a high quality product that the City of Stirling greatly appreciate and will benefit from for many years to come.

Grant Ingvarson, City Buildings Coordinator
City Building

 I was impressed with Mark Barbaro’s professionalism, organizational skills, and fairness as well as the quantity of time he dedicated personally to the project as the managing director of Sanpro. Dean Trezise, the foreman on this job as well as a previous Santelli Architects’ school project which was constructed  by Sanpro, was also highly professional, knowledgeable, with great attention to detail, and approachable on site when the school had queries or concerns about the building process. Their working relationship and communications with this office were professional and helpful at all times and their involvement was instrumental in the timely completion of this project. It is worth noting that this project had many additions and changes to the contracted scope of works, which were dictated by the client. Sanpro were found to be fair in their issue or variations for these changes and managed the construction  program efficiently so that these did not delay practical completion. In fact, the contract program for the new extension was completed a full month  ahead of schedule whilst maintaining  a commendable quality of finishes.

 We would  not hesitate to recommend Sanpro for future work.

Sara Fontaine March UWA, AlA For Santelli Architects

Sanpro Construction constructed a high quality product, and completed the project within budget and ahead of schedule. What you can expect from Sanpro Construction is a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and thorough market/industry knowledge that simplifies the construction process. Their commitment to quality and understanding of the importance of a cohesive design makes them a great contractor in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, as well as helping to meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project. I would highly recommend Sanpro Construction as a high quality builder, backed with highly knowledgeable personnel. 

Mike O’Keefe, Civil Engineer from Opus International Consultants

Bollig Design Group has a positive working relationship with both Mark Barbaro and Dean Trezise of Sanpro Construction. As builders they have always been approachable and highly cooperative in their construction management approach and we specifically commend them both in the area of their organisational and management abilities and their focus on contract performance in the areas of time and cost performance. The standard of workmanship has always been of the highest standard. We have no hesitate in recommending Sanpro Construction

Edwin Bollig, Managing Director of Bollig Design Group

 Sanpro Construction have proven equal to the task and have excelled in their performance. The owners, a group of successful business people, have expressed their absolute satisfaction at Sanpro Construction’s approach and attitude to the project. Our office is equally as impressed. Sanpro’s attendance to site and administration requirements has been efficient and timely. In response to their excellent approach I have confidently recommended Sanpro Construction to other clients.

Gary Keen, Director of Commercial Design Management

We have worked with Sanpro Directors, Mark Barbaro and Dean Trezise, on a number of other projects under another building contractor so are familiar with their work ethic. We have been extremely impressed by the level of workmanship, commitment and organisational ability demonstrated by this relatively new builder. Site administration and organisation of materials and labour and rate of progress of a high order and Sanpro provide excellent office backup and documentation together with good record keeping. They have demonstrated good project control and the ability to produce and adhere to strict works programme. We are very pleased to provide this reference and would be happy to recommend Sanpro Construction as a builder on projects from small and simple to large and complex and have always found the personnel to be very competent and ethical.

Michael Connor, Director of Holton Connor Architects & Planners 

Through the construction period of the childcare centre, Sanpro Construction have proven to be honest, hardworking and efficient. Working with a rather tight construction schedule, queries for additional work by the client have been attended to in a timely manner, and because of this, most additional works were able to be incorporated into the construction program with minimal or no impact. Our client is pleased with the final outcome of the project. I have enjoyed working with Sanpro Construction and highly recommend their services.

Kelwin Wong, Architect at RAD Architecture 

We required additional work with the replacement of the Parish Hall Ceiling and refurbishment of some of its facilities. We had no hesitation in inviting Sanpro Construction to tender which they were successful in achieving. Once again Mark and Dean worked to time and to budget and achieved a high quality finish with minimal disruption. We now have an outstanding new school and Mark and Dean can be proud of their contribution.

Peter Yensch, Principal of St Josephs Primary School, Queens Park 

Sanpro were most professional in undertaking this work, offered alternative solutions and cost savings to the clients in relation to some electrical issues and completed the works in a particularly short time frame and over the Christmas break. The works carried out by Sanpro Construction were completed to a high standard and resulted in a smaller than usual list of defects items. Sanpro exhibited a high degree of organisational capacity and attention to detail and my dealings with Dean Trezise, the site manager, provided positive outcomes for the project at all stages.

Richard Machell, Project Director of Santelli Architects 

Now that Mark Barbaro and Dean Trezise have formed their own company Sanpro Construction I can confidently say that any prospective employer should be more than happy to have them as part of their team.These two men represent construction skills of the highest order, backed up with honesty and integrity and these are skills and attributes that don’t always go together in this busy world.

Derek Duncan, Former Director of Bollig Design Group